Teach online courses – The value of creating your own private teaching website

Teach online courses – The value of creating your own private teaching website

The value of being able to teach online is immeasurable. Over the last decade, online teaching has made education more accessible and more affordable to many students around the world. Today, students can literally access online classes from whichever part of the world they are living in. All that one needs is enrolling into an online class to get access to vast learning resources.

Teaching online has not only created learning opportunities for learners, but it has also created openings for teachers alike. With online teaching, as a teacher/ educator you can now teach online courses and eke a very good living out of it. How easy is that? Read on to discover the value of creating your own teaching website and how you can use it to make impactful learning.

What do I need to become an online tutor?

Are you considering whether to teach online? While online private teaching can be a good venture, there are measures that must be met before one can get started. Here are a few must-dos to get you started.

  • To teach online, you must be confident that you will be able to effectively connect with your learners and communicate with them to make a wonderful learning experience.
  • Any successful teach online venture requires one to have sound knowledge in that particular field. What does this imply? If you are going to tutor online maths or tutor online English, then you will need to have sound knowledge in the fields. Usually, it possible to tutor in different disciplines but this is largely dependent on knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • As an online teacher, you must be able to sell yourself to parents and the students seeking to learn. Assess your competition and work towards making yourself more desirable. Of course, to teach online courses you will need to show and prove to your prospects that you are qualified for the job.
  • The resources, create online courses and teaching online requires that you have a steady internet and dedicated live streaming solutions.

Create an online course and become an online teacher today! By creating an online course, you will surely contribute towards the learning processes. Getting started is simple with TheOkelloGroup, reach us today and we will gladly help you set up and drive traffic to your website.

 Why you should start and teach online courses. 

Are you unsure about what goes into online teaching?

Don’t worry. There is a lot that goes into it but this should not give you sleepless nights.

And so far, you are not alone. Just like in any business, many people get sceptical when broached with the idea of starting a business. It is common hearing stories from friends about failed ventures but this too should not scare you.

If you are an experienced tutor, a retired teacher or college student looking for a teaching vacancy, create online courses and teaching online should be your thing. It is not that complicated, get things going by setting up some objectives and setting up tutor website.

Once you set your goals right and know what you are doing, becoming an online tutor can be a rewarding venture. 

What do I stand to gain as an online tutor?

Creating a teach online course and starting to teach online gives you a number of benefits. This includes but not limited to: a wide range of students, focused sessions, job flexibility, access to technology and materials and job satisfaction and more.  

With Coronavirus impacting our lives, there are thousands of students out there who are looking for your online teaching services. These learners want to access learning from the comfort of their homes.

They want to get a real learning experience from an expert tutor. They want someone with real in – the – trenches knowledge to make there learning experiences lively. If you know how to tutor online then, this is the right to time to start the business.

For a small investment, online tutoring is one the cheapest and most profitable business you can start. All that you need is exceptional expertise in your area of specialization, the materials necessary for the subject, a great attitude and you are good to go!

 Making the most out of teaching online – Create online course

There are thousands of people who want to escape their dead-end jobs, engage in learning a new skill or expertise.

Creating a teaching online platform from where these individuals can access learning resource and guidance will certainly prove fruitful not only to the learners but also for online tutors. 

Unlike in regular jobs, teaching online courses allows you to work at your own convenience. You can work from wherever, whenever you are and with whomever that you want to work with.

It is great setting up your business on websites like Udemy,,, and and many other platforms but these sites do not give you the much convenience you need to run your business as you wish. 

In most cases, the sites are in control of what you do giving you limited freedom. These sites, limit your accessibility and chances of directly marketing your business to your prospects.

So, what is the way forward? 

To effectively market your online courses and gain an edge over competitors, start by building a website. A working website will enable you to take control of the online teaching platform. It will allow you to add more tutors if expansion is needed, it will allow you to manage the pricing and above all and lastly, it will allow you to control content so that you students get the best. 

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