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In this new ‘post-COVID’ environment, video has become the most important aspect of any organisation, whether it is Zoom meetings, building tours filmed on iPhones or virtual conferences and exhibitions, no one has escaped the need for videos power communication perks.

More so than ever, social and community groups have taken to zoom and churches other houses of faith have taken to building their video capabilities to continue sharing messages and connecting with members locally and now internationally!

We are proud to have installed live stream systems for conferences and churches provided services from consulting to full-blown installation and tech support. Whether the preference has been to pre-record and edit each service or go down the ‘live to Youtube/Facebook‘ route, we have the budget conscious and easy to use solution for each purpose.


This is the process of ‘fading’ or ‘cutting’ between different cameras or graphics (PowerPoint or PC screens). Live switching is achieved by a hardware switcher like the Blackmagic Studio or software switcher like OBS. These ‘switchers’ process multiple inputs and allow them to be seamlessly stitched together to create beautiful and slick live stream broadcasts.


We recommend and install multiple camera systems to enhance the production value for live streams, this allows ‘dead air’ to be minimised as visual coverage is maximised. Using multiple cameras simply makes what would be a very boring static shot a little more interesting for your viewers.


Church live streams are a unique project with key differences to typical. Church live stream systems usually have two or three cameras and a graphics computer to overlay song lyrics for worship segments of the service, and or PowerPoint/ video presentations. Cameras are often 30m to 40m away from the control desk and the system needs to be easy to use so volunteers can be trained in a short space of time. In addition, live streaming for church needs to be set up and operated by one person so the systems we install are simple to operate and power up and start streaming. build bespoke solutions that are affordable but fulfill the above requirements, we consult remotely, perform site visits and provide church live stream solutions that stream to Youtube, Facebook, Zoom or to private stream feeds. Make streaming church live as simple and as beautiful as possible.


Online events and conferences can be captured in engaging and interactive ways with a live multicam solution. The live-streamed online webinar or virtual event can have dedicated product and host shots, matched with animations, online video feeds from Zoom or Skype to include guest speakers and combined with a roaming camera operated by a professional camera operator can make for an energetic and engaging conference, webinar, product launch, client event or company showcase. 

This live stream can be further elevated with full pre-production to introduce informative video clips, sound effects, guest speaker support, timed ques and background support so all speakers simply need to share their content and not worry about technology, all driven by a seasoned show caller to execute perfect timings.

The sky is the limit with the level of production with the advent of wireless camera feeds to position cameras in interesting locations, and there is no limit to the number of cameras and video inputs from guest speakers from all over the world.

Wow your viewers with the next level in online webinars and conferences this year with a bespoke live online conference event.


There are two main types of solutions, permanently fixed systems and temporary systems that are set up for one-off events. 

The scale of your live stream solution all depends on your needs, and we are happy to help you figure that out in an initial conversation, needless to say, our installation process is quick and tidy. Our permanent installs match the room’s aesthetics and as unobtrusive as possible. For temporary installs, healthy and safety is the key driver while keeping cable runs as simple and clean as possible.

We build with either Mac or PC depending on preference.

Check out our Projects page to see the latest installs and other projects.

If you would like a live stream system for your conference or house of worship, get in contact with us today on [email protected] and we can arrange a call with one of our technicians who can help you out.