Web Starter Combo 250 – Combining web design & SEO traffic building

£249.00 / month

Let’s face it, building a website is complicated! So we built an affordable package to do all of this for you so you can focus on your business! This special limited time offer gets you:

  • domain registration

  • fast and secure hosting

  • custom logo design

  • web graphic design

  • SEO blog post

  • mobile friendly online store

  • up to 20 store items uploaded

  • real web SEO & submission

  • digital marketing to drive audience

  • one to one support

There are so many things that need to be done right just to get the site built. Even before you do that you have to figure out your domain name, learn about hosting and then work out what you want to use to build it. So we thought we would take care of it all for you!

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This Web Starter Combo is for those who want to build a strong online business selling products and services and want to get impressions per month on their sites!


  • Domain

  • + SSL encryption for site securing
  • + Hosting

  • + Custom logo design

  • + Web graphic design

  • + SEO blog post

  • + Online store

  • + Up to 20 store items uploaded

  • + Real web seo & submission

  • + Digital marketing to drive audience

  • + One on one support – Dedicated support working with you to build and design the website to your needs.

Building a strong ecommerce website is hard work! But it doesn’t mean you have to do it! There are so many things that that can go wrong.

First you have to figure out domains, hostings and name servers. There are solutions like Wix.com and Squarespace and even Weebly that make it all ‘drag and drop’ but these solutions don’t help you with an actual ‘user experience’ design. Not only that, they all charge £20+ per month to get the features you absolutely need to have a professional site but don’t help anymore than that!

Google has changed its ranking system to factor user experience and ease of navigation and sites that aren’t built right WILL get ranked lower, even if they offer the better product!

The ‘plug and play’ website builders are great if you or someone in your team knows anything about user experience design and the psychology behind it all but to the average joe, you are left with templates that make your site look like everyone else’s!

With the Web Starter Combo package, you don’t magically need to become a ‘designer’ or ‘web developer’, we do ALL of that for you! We work with you step by step, building your website with a team of great graphic designers, web developers and User Experience professionals who know how to get great rankings on Google and other search engines.

Why take weeks or months to learn how to build a professional and optimal website, when we can build it for you? We take the headache off your hands, leaving you to do the important bit…. creating amazing products and offers for your target demographic.

Research shows that the average site only converts 2.5% of the traffic it receives. Knowing this we have also bundled in proper digital marketing to drive real targeted traffic to your website, that we draw from paid marketing techniques, covering socials and search engines.

We know it’s hard building a successful site… AND expensive.

This is why we created this package! To create mobile-friendly, beautiful websites and online stores AND get your target audience browsing on the site. We will;

  • Register your domain
  • Setup your fast secure hosting
  • Build your site or online store to your designed theme
  • Do real SEO to begin driving traffic
  • Show you how you can continue to drive traffic

We have been developing websites and driven online traffic for over 20 years and we have noticed that most website owners do not know how to drive traffic and building a business out of their websites. In this day and age, you cannot just build a site and expect people to find you – There are 200 million active websites in the world, and 1.5 billion if you count the inactive ones.

Standing out is important, and getting your target crowd to your site is what keeps your business alive! We dedicate a specific designer to work with you to get your brief and build your site with industry standard, best practice and Google SEO friendly styles that make it easy for your users to enjoy. You will have a log in to control your site also and we offer a backup service too!

Please note: This purchase is a 12-month package for which you will be charged £249.00 GBP per month, instead of paying the full price of £2,900 upfront.

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