Covid-19 vs Business in 2020

How Businesses Are Combatting COVID-19 

To say COVID-19, also known as the corona virus, has affected businesses would be a vast understatement. Businesses all over the world have had to shut down offices due to the pandemic but this has also seen the rise of digital/online conferencing and communications.

COVID-19 has certainly caused rapid innovation as businesses from small SMEs to the leading companies on the FTSE 100 have been quickly implementing new methods of communication/work. Yes, many businesses are still feeling the effects of the corona virus and likely will for some time, but these solutions do provide a lifeline to many businesses.

Businesses that rely on person to person interactions have had to move their operations fully online. Even institutions like schools, colleges and universities are having to use digital solutions to teach students. However, while there are many digital workplace solutions for businesses to use it often isn’t a simple process.

The Digital Difficulties 

There are many digital workplace solutions available these days and even educational establishments can take advantage of digital classroom solutions as well. But while these alternatives provide a valuable outreach for businesses especially now amidst the corona virus, utilising them isn’t always easy.

In fact, this is proving to be a major stumbling block for many businesses. The huge spike in businesses, of all sizes and across various industries, moving to use digital solutions to keep operations running has led to further distribution and chaos.

While many of these digital alternatives/solutions where used in the past, many businesses didn’t rely on them. They were niche products/ services so for many businesses, having to heavily utilise them in such a short period of time, has led to some problems.

Schools rushing to implement a digital classroom solution have run into numerous issues and so have businesses looking to move their operations online. Many businesses simply don’t have the knowledge or digital infrastructure in place to properly set-up a totally online solution to continue their operations.

Because the COVID-19 situation developed quite rapidly in many countries businesses simply didn’t have time to fully get things in place. This has led to many businesses using digital strategies that simply don’t provide them with a proper service.

There is a lot you can accomplish with digital workplace solutions but implementing them properly is another challenge many businesses are struggling with. There are many digital workplace solutions that businesses can benefit from utilising during the COVID-19 pandemic but actually knowing how to use them is a challenge.

The Simple Solution 

The corona virus is certainly having a huge knock-on effect on businesses of all sizes. However, while digital workplace solutions may be challenging to implement they are now in many ways vital to ensuring the survival of your business.

Businesses that already have pre-existing methods in place like supermarkets and their ecommerce home delivery solutions have an advantage here. Because they are already familiar with certain digital workplace solutions.

However, there are solutions out there for businesses and establishments across all industries. Online churches, for example, have sprung up around the world and they simply live-stream their services to people. Yes even though this simple solution hasn’t always quite gone to plan it still shows how establishments like churches can still provide a valuable service during the pandemic.  

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Zoom, an online video conferencing service has proven to be incredibly popular during the corona virus pandemic. But much of Zoom’s popularity is based around hearsay and not all businesses have been able to effectively utilise it. Similar services like Skype have also proven to be difficult to implement due to hardware and software issues.

We can help you by providing digital workplace solutions that will work for your specific needs. We have developed many simple solutions for organisations ranging from food retailers to online churches (pre-corona virus) and can use that knowledge and experience to help your business during this difficult time. 

We can help your business utilise existing technology to ensure it achieves the best results. Whether you’re looking for broadcast-quality video conferencing, digital classroom solutions or ways to ensure your ecommerce site can meet the greater demands during the pandemic. 

The good news is that many businesses out there already have the technology or the means to use it but not the knowledge and we can help you there. No one knows how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last so getting your digital workplace solutions sorted now is paramount. This way you can continue to serve the public while ensuring your own staff’s safety.