Ugandan Repatriation Flights

We are organising a chartered flight back to Uganda, Register your interest in Flying next month

If this form is not working, please email your info to: [email protected] and we will manually register you

Special allowance for repatriation flights from UK to Uganda

In light of the Ugandan Embassy in the UK being unable to support Ugandan’s wishing to fly back to Uganda, We, the Ugandan community, have taken it upon ourselves to arrange repatriation flights.

We are chartering a flight privately with a reputable airline and organising an affordable hotel for the mandatory 14-day quarantine in order to protect our country from widespread contraction of Covid-19.

We have been in touch with top government officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs to permit our chartered flight to land at Entebbe Airport and a special shuttle to take passengers from the UK to a designated quarantine hotel.


Flights will depart from a London airport via Cairo or Dubai between 15th and 20th June, we require every interested party to register individually on the form on this page.

As you may be aware, no flights from foreign nations are currently being allowed to land in Entebbe, We are arranging for this flight to receive special dispensation to land and offload passengers, PROVIDED YOU ALL ENTER QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS. This is non-negotiable.

Quarantine arrangements

We are working hard to make the best available arrangements for returning Ugandans with the focus being cost and comfort.

We are arranging a few hotels in the Entebbe area to be designated quarantine zones for our chartered flights.

The price will be between £15 and £25 per day and each traveler will have single occupancy in the hotel.

A shuttle will safely transport passengers from Entebbe Airport directly to the hotel where you will remain for no less than 14 days to ensure you are virus free and unable to transmit the virus.


The number of registrants we have will determine how soon we can make bookings available for you, so please book at your earliest convenience.

The more or us that register, the better the flight cost we can achieve, once we have definitive numbers we can update you all via email and you can make your decision whether you want to travel at this time or not.

I must reiterate, this is a ‘first come first serve’ proposition and we are expecting high numbers of registrants, please register as soon as you see this notice.

If this form is not working, please email your info to: [email protected] and we will manually register you