Terms and Conditions. V3 APA

By working with TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd, You agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Payment Terms:

You agree to make payment in full (employers are not responsible for TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd’s tax payments) within the stated number of days from the ‘Invoice Date’, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Rates and Working Hours: APA

Rates shown are pre-agreed and are either per DAY (or part Day (BDR)) or are a FIXED rate.

A DAY will consist of no more than 11 hours, breaks included, ie. 10+1.

RATE CARD: Below are standard day rates for freelance roles that do not fall under APA Guidelines.

Sound Technician:                                                           £350 minimum.

General Video Technician:                                              £400 minimum

Lighting Technician:                                                        £350 minimum

Advance Video Technician (Ascender/E2/S3):             £450 minimum

Senior Technician In Charge:                                         £500 minimum.

Project Manager:                                                            £500 minimum.

Show Caller:                                                                       £450 minimum

We have a few technicians that command higher day rates. Day rates will always be communicated before booking confirmation.

Overtime: APA

Overtime is defined as any time spent working that occurs beyond the working hours of a ‘DAY’ (usually 10+1) as defined above.

Once the pre-agreed Working Hours have been exceeded, Overtime will be charged at up to 1.5x the agreed rate. Half Day Minimum (unless APA). Over 17 hour is charged at 2x day rate.

Scope of Contract and Project Changes:

Should the scope of your needs change or the project significantly changes from the initial requirement, TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd reserves the right to reassess and renegotiate the agreed fee. If no agreement can be settled upon TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd will complete any work that they have agreed to, but will not carry out additional work without remuneration.

Late Payment:

Under The Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act (1988), TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd are entitled to compensation at the rates below upon non-payment of debts after the Payment Period, at which point a new invoice will be submitted with the addition of the relevant fee. If payment of the revised invoice is not received within a further 14 days, additional interest will be charged to the overdue account. Please see ‘Interest’ clause below. Please note, parties cannot contract out of the Act’s provisions.

-for a debt of less than £1000, the sum of £40;

-for a debt of more than £1000 or more, but less than £10,000, the sum of £70

-for a debt of £10,000 or more, the sum of £100.

Interest: Penalty Interest is charged PER DAY at 8% over the Bank of England base rate of 0.5%. This is currently 8.5% of the Invoice Total, charged PER DAY, for each day that the invoice is overdue.

‘Kill’ or Cancellation Fee: APA

If an engagement is cancelled where TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd have confirmed acceptance* or a PO has been received, the following fee will apply to each day cancelled and a cancellation invoice will be sent to you. The cancelation fee payable will be as follows, based on the DAY rate.

Applicable to APA Engagements:

7 and more days prior to the engagement – no fee applies

6 – 4 days prior to the engagement – 50% of the agreed fee

3 – 2 days prior to the engagement – 75% of the agreed fee

On the day or one day prior to the engagement –100% of the agreed fee

All Other Engagements:

Any cancellation after the receipt of a PO will be charged at 100% of the PO sum.

This invoice must be paid to TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd in accordance with the above ‘Payment Terms’.

*Acceptance can take the form of, but is not limited to email; SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or over the phone.


You will reimburse any reasonable expenses incurred by TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd in the line of duty, so long as receipts are provided. This includes, but is not limited to; fuel, parking costs, travel, meals, per diems, consumables required for the engagement and, when pre-agreed; necessary equipment that is not owned or provided ie; electronics, tools, materials or other sundries. 

Driving Contracts:

All driving for driving contracts will be undertaken by Technicians, who hold a full and clean, manual UK licence. A copy of which will be provided upon request. Vehicles provided for use by Technicians are at the employer’s expense and shall be arranged by the employer unless otherwise agreed in writing. It is solely your responsibility to provide adequate insurance cover for the period that the vehicle is in use and for the intended use of that vehicle. You shall indemnify and hold the Technician or any of their affiliates harmless for any and all damages, losses, expenses, claims, liabilities, judgments, fees or fines that may arise while the vehicle is in his possession. All refuelling costs, toll or zone charges (such as London’s Congestion Charge or ULEZ) and parking costs incurred by Technician(s) will be claimed back as expenses under the ‘Expenses’ clause of this agreement.

Communications, Singular Point of Contact and TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd Representatives:

All business communicationwill be made with Allan Okello of TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd directly on the contact details in the email correspondence. This includes any other requirements you may have for your current project, outside the scope of this contract, negotiation of fees for such contracts and any future contracts that you might wish to make with TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd.

You will not engage in conversations regarding any of the aforementioned with any other TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd representative.

Travel Days / Overnights / Tour Specific Provisions:

As it is understood that some contracts will require TheOkelloGroup.com Ltd staff to stay ‘away from home’ for periods of time. In these cases, the following provisions shall be provided at the employer’s expense.

Accommodation: Adequate accommodation within a reasonable walk (5-10 mins walk) from site/venue will be provided for the overnight stays. Adequate is defined as a private, clean, warm, dry, reasonably quiet, secure room with a double bed, a bathroom. This can be in the form of a hotel, an apart-hotel / managed apartments or production vehicle. Where cooking facilities are not available, the ‘Meals’ clause below will be applied.

Per-Diems: The allowance of ‘per diems’ charged at the industry standard rate of £25 per day, £30 for engagements within London.

Meals: For each day of this contract, 3 square meals will be provided at the employer’s expense. This will take the form of provided meals from the hotel, a crew canteen or meal tickets for food vendors on-site, failing these; an expensed meal.

Travel Days: Will be charged as a standard day rate.

Rest Days Mid Engagement: Will be charged as a standard day rate.

Full APA Terms can be downloaded HERE.