Spark Digital Marketing Boost


Would you like to have a digital marketing boost that will kick start a wave of potential customers or subscribers? Then this is the option for you!

  • Content marketing
  • Paid traffic
  • Capture funnel for conversions

spark-digital-marketing-boost‘Spark Digital marketing boost’ is our entry level digital marketing product, we research the niche area and target audience you want to attract to your product or services.

We build a small sales funnel to enable you to boost interactions on your site to drive conversions from a particular vector. Our digital marketing efforts bring filtered and refined traffic from various sources of people with a validated interest in your specific area or product.

We estimate this will gain 5,000 to 10,000 hits to your website, profile or app (this estimate may vary depending on your sector). If you are just starting out in your venture or project and just want to get some attention to kick start your wave of potential customers or subscribers, then this digital marketing boost is the option for you!


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