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Routing Audio from DAW to Reaper (AES50/DANTE/etc) and setting up DAW to return audio

This demonstration is done in Presonus software but everything translates exactly to Reaper or your DAW of choice   This video below shows how you can use your SOLO feature in Reaper WITHOUT sending it to you STREAM MIX! Essentially, you shouldn’t use solo unless trouble shooting, but if you really need to use it, …

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How to ‘mix’ worship sound

‘Mixing’ is creating a balance of all the sounds from singers, instruments and drums to create a nice blend so all the sounds sit well together. Every CD or MP3 you’ve ever listened to has gone through this process of ‘mixing’ and this skill is used anytime there is more that one ‘sound source’. This …

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Branding Guideline development

Colors Fonts (Primary & Secondary and Special) Layouts (header, image placement, image sizing, text placement) Image choices,  (high key/low key, perspective,demographic representation) Build style sheet so styling stays consistent

Introduction & Glossary

Video Broadcast Ministry Firstly, I must say again and again, this is a MINISTRY! It must be taken as seriously as anyone preaching the word would take the time to study, practice, research and come with a spirit of excellence. This is not a small thing that you only think about on a sunday morning …

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