Scale up through acquisition

grow your business, acquire

Many small to medium business hit a stagnation point where there business is doing well but growth percentages have slowed down and they have hit their maximum capacity point on the businesses’ ability to deliver to customers.

Exponential growth is the new challenge facing a number of businesses and we have the perfect solution.

Did you know you can acquire a business and have that business pay for itself?

There are many businesses in your sector right now that have owners who are looking for an exit, some want to retire, some want to move onto other projects but nevertheless, they are motivated to hand over their business to someone who can take it to the next level… That could be you!

In the world of acquisition there is a deal structure in which the revenue of the company you are acquiring more than covers the debt service to make the purchase of the business. It is even possible to utilise what is called ‘seller finance’ to purchase the business.

You would be surprised by how many finance options that are available from banks and lending institutions. In fact there are more options to finance than there are transactions. Banks are waiting for organisations just like your to present them with an opportunity to lend you the capital to purchase these companies.

The best part in all of this, is that the collateral can be the business you are intending to purchase so there is no risk to your current assets or business!

The Okello Group has a proven strategy that has been utilised over the last 50 years to successfully grow companies just like yours!

Companies like BT, Virgin Media, GM and many other international corporations started off as an SME, just like yours and built massive market shares through acquisition. This brought in not only an increase in the customer base, but technology, better operational strategies and most importantly skills in staff at multiple levels to propel the organisation into the upper tiers of the marketplace.

If you would like to know more about how to position yourself and your business to acquire companies within your sector, either to grow market share or acquire complimentary businesses, get in touch with us today via the form below to schedule a conversation.

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