Learn how to mix – Practice Mixing

At this stage, we would like to encourage you to practice mixing, to do this, i have created a 

Attached is a file with project that will help you learn how to mix a full band during a worship session. It is the recording from our NYE services that features 6 vocals. guitar, keys, bass percussion and drums.

This will help you to train your ears and understanding of how to use faders to get the perfect balance in a track. 

I must point out at this point that a mix is not a static state, musicians play harder and sofer at certain times and singers sing louder and quieter at certain times, sometimes all in the same song, it’s your job to follow these changes.

Attached is:

  • Reaper software for PC
  • Reaper software for Mac
  • Audio files with each vocal and instrument on a separate mp3 file ‘stem’ so you can control the level of each individual channel separately.

To achieve great mixes, it’s all about practice, the more you do it the better you get. The quality of your mixes will depend on your listening device, the training of your ears.

The great thing about learning like this is, when you are at the building, you will be mixing on software similar to this either to mix ‘front of house’ or for the broadcast.


  1. download file ‘PRACTICE MIXING WITH THESE FILES.ZIP’ here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AstSb0KlxUuSjudR1dgaOW7QTAGlzw?e=fpoTFE
  2. download ‘Reaper’ for
    – PC (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AstSb0KlxUuSjudSSlx6UMdanUSaFQ?e=Cm1cMM)
    – or Mac (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AstSb0KlxUuSjudTjnkbHIUauoXYhQ?e=Sb8CrF)
    according to your system (it’s free)
  3. unzip folders
  4. open project file named ‘MIX TRAINING – EQd – worship team- NYE(12.12.20) V4’ in ‘PRACTICE MIXING WITH THESE FILES’ folder.
  5. Begin mixing!

I challenge you to ‘render’ out an mp3 for us to privately listen to and build on your abilities. I would like to have a weekly zoom call where we review your mix together and I can give you tips on getting better. Also take time to learn compression, eq and panning to get better mixes.


Discussion allows you to ask questions directly to the instructor.