How to ‘mix’ worship sound

‘Mixing’ is creating a balance of all the sounds from singers, instruments and drums to create a nice blend so all the sounds sit well together.

Every CD or MP3 you’ve ever listened to has gone through this process of ‘mixing’ and this skill is used anytime there is more that one ‘sound source’.

This is an area that you will need to practice as often as possible and understand the variables that will affect the ‘mix’.

Possible variables are:

  • your listening device (headphones/speakers)
  • Your listening environment ( the room you’re in; is your position the same as the congregation – are you in the middle of the same room that your listeners are in? are there other sounds that are interfering with what you can hear?)
  • are the floor monitors in the room affecting your ‘front of house’ mix?
  • For Broadcast mixes; are you using the right listening device (headphones or monitor speakers)?
  • does the sound from your listening device sound close to your audience’s listening devices?

Please refer to the Glossary if you dont understand any of the terms used. If it’s not in there, I trust you know how to use Google 🙂

It’s important that you invest time into self-led learning. This training is to give you a foundation to get you going, but getting really god and serving to the best of your capacity, requires YOU to take the time to develop.


Discussion allows you to ask questions directly to the instructor.