Mixing audio for your stream using a DAW – Cuckoos Reaper

Routing Audio from DAW to Reaper (AES50/DANTE/etc) and setting up DAW to return audio

This demonstration is done in Presonus software but everything translates exactly to Reaper or your DAW of choice


This video below shows how you can use your SOLO feature in Reaper WITHOUT sending it to you STREAM MIX!

Essentially, you shouldn’t use solo unless trouble shooting, but if you really need to use it, YOU MUST use the below video to setup your SOLO BUS so you don’t send SOLO’D audio to the stream and ruin the mix. The key reason I say you shouldn’t use solo while mixing is because you should have done all of this during sound check while you were OFF AIR, as a mixing engineer or sound tech, you should make it a habit to go to band rehearsals or be there for the morning run through, because it will make a NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE to the outcome of your mix. Simply knowing the songs that are coming, how the instrument arrangement should be and who is doing which part of the harmony, chorus and crescendo of the song is critical to build a worship set or mix hand in hand with the music as supposed to responding seconds later. 

You do yourself, God and the worship team a disservice by not being there and not being prepared. In the real world, operating like this is a great way to not get booked for work anymore. You are only as good as your last production, simples.



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